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Australian National Director

David F. Rossborough of "CODE ONE : IBS Risk Management" is the Australian National Director of the IBA and has undergone extensive training since his introduction course in 1999. To date, David has completed eight IBA Diplomas in Bodyguarding and was the first IBA member in Australia to achieve the IBA gold-pin award that represents the completion of 500 hours of IBA training. 

Throughout David’s career he has coordinated sensitive, complex and challenging Bodyguarding and Risk Management operations and holds a number of key qualifications within the Security Industry that includes the Diploma in Security & Risk Management, Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment and Investigative Services along with five Certificate III qualifications. 

David is also one of Victoria’s most experienced and certified Firearms and Defensive Tactics Instructor having trained in excess of 1,000 security officers in the safe and effective use of firearms, self-defense tactics and baton and handcuffing techniques and is often sort by channel 9 for specialist comments on a range of security and firearm issues. 

In 2009 after completing his 10 year association with the IBA, David was awarded the CIBG (Certified International Bodyguard) award and IBA Instructor status by the Director General James Shortt and appointed as the National Director taking over from Tony Zalewski. Since his appointment, David has successfully delivered three IBA Bodyguard Diploma courses pioneering the complex and challenging IBA “boot-camp” program that has set new heights in bodyguard education. 

  • HOME STATE         : Victoria
  • CONTACT No.        : 0400 982 744